Man has got a lot of beliefs. He considers himself as One but he's usually many. Until he becomes One he cannot realize clearly  what he is.



















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The story we want to tell you is about an ordinary woman who, quite unexpectedly and by chance, met someone who showed her the Path she should follow. At the very time when, because of the difficulties she was experiencing, she was beginning to think she hadn’t the strength to face her problems, “...a ray of light filtered through the clouds to touch the ground, as if to remind her that the sun is always in the sky, even if it is hidden.”

That day she met the Friend, a boy of just seventeen years, who left his mark on her soul. “...He was just a normal boy, he had the most striking eyes, and at the time he wore his hair in a long ponytail, with the odd lock dropping in front of his face, like a girl’s. His features were delicate and his hands were particularly long and white. But, above all, I was struck by his voice. His voice, in contrast with his sweet appearance, was mature and deep...”

As time passed, the Friend led the author through experiences which changed her deeply and which prepared her to receive much more than she herself expected. One day, he said to her, “all the problems you have had to overcome were trials which allowed you to train yourself to be more vigilant and aware of your reactions. Now you are ready to enter the Way.”

After ten years of experience on the Way, the author decided to write these few pages, and concluded as follows: “… This is my testimony and I have felt some very strong emotions whilst telling it. I hope that those who read it will find a ray of hope, a message: I hope that in disheartened moments they will be able to raise their eyes to heaven and know that the brightest Star is there for them too…” 

(Teresa Aleo)

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