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In a Fourth Way School you have to understand how the work develops on different levels. The first level is the individual one: the work on ourselves, for other people and for the school. The second level is about learning and understanding Cosmic laws.


In actual fact these two levels are part of the same whole. The comprehension of certain cosmic laws that we are subject to helps us to understand the Laws that rule the human machine and vice versa.


Let's analyse a cosmic law postulated on the basis that the whole Universe consists of vibrations. These vibrations act on every kind of material (because all matter is energy) and cloak the whole Universe. We need to imagine that the whole creation is constantly permeated by these vibrant energies that have something like a rough, material look. However these vibrations are not constant, they change, the vibrations rising and falling within a pre-arranged, growing motion that is not uniform.


Let's say that, for example, we act with a given vibrational strength, and reproduce the movement of that vibration. For example, we strike a billiard-ball on a level surface. When we hit the ball, its motion accelerates. When it reaches its peak, its motion slows down until it stops.



The octaves law explains that, for example, the phase of vibration growth (and also of deceleration) is not uniform, but there are periods of time in which it slows down and then it resumes its normal speed until it reaches its maximum. We can imagine that, in the phase of vibration growth, we take two points, to which we give the numerical values 1000 and 2000, meaning that during the phase of vibration growth the vibration has doubled. If we had taken the decreasing vibration phase we would have used an inverse value, for example, going from 2000 to 1000.It has been established that during this interval of vibration change a progression slow-down is produced. One slow-down is located a short distance from the starting point, the other is situated near the end.



In the past many esoteric schools knew about this non-uniform motion and transmitted this knowledge symbolically with glyphs and diagrams. The non-uniform motion was represented by an octagonal scheme made up of eight steps. These eight steps represent the consistency of the motion of vibration between two points. And so we see the motion decrease in a certain point before resuming its natural course. We can find this law applied in many fields: in light, in heat, in chemical vibrations and also in the periodic table of elements. 

In chemistry the Octet Law indicates the Octaves Law. We can also see its application in music. In the musical scale of seven tones (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do) between Mi and Fa and between Si and Do there is no semitone, which however exist between all the other notes.




This law explains to us why in every vibrational form (and so in the whole Universe) there are phases in which the vibrations need an additional push to keep them in line. When a vibration begins its journey, the temporary deceleration and the missing semitone cause an imperceptible detour.



That's why everything in nature changes and it is also cyclical. In fact if we continued the diagram we would have a closed circuit and the original direction would turn back on itself.

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