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This law explain why nothing in nature moves in a straight line and why often our actions, our decisions, our deeds, change and move away from the initial purpose designated by the primary impulse.


If this is true for everything that surrounds us, the Octaves Law also includes human beings and their actions. If we imagine whatever initiative we undertake as the beginning of a vibrating scale (an octave) we find in this Law a helpful and practical starting point for the study of ourselves.


After a correct impulse, correct comprehension, a correct plan, correct attention, correct emotional comprehension etc., which we feel at the beginning, our proposal starts, however, to bore us, we lose enthusiasm, we get lazy and we leave out the more difficult parts. The same things that yesterday were a source of stimulation and challenge, today have turned into insurmountable obstacles which slow down and deviate our deeds. The impulse continues its motion and the straight line continues to develop until the next missing semitone, at this point the work stops completely, we give way to negative emotions, we change plans, we make arrangements or corrections which completely modify our original purpose.


In a worst case scenario the straight line continues on its way, now slave to external and internal resistances and continues to change its route at every missing semitone. This "distortion" becomes so radical as to turn back on itself and the result is in total opposition to the purpose.


We can easily notice this reality in history. There are many examples from history which confirm the truth of this theory. Let's take Christianity for instance. We can imagine how the evolutionary line which recommends love for all, preached by Christ, changed (reaching the opposite extreme) when Christianity turned into Inquisition. We also have politics examples of just ideals which have turned (in their octaves) into excuses to perpetuate massacres.


This Cosmic law rules our actions and makes us incapable of doing things in the exact way we planned at the time of the primary impulse. This is invisible to the ordinary man, who believes, instead, that the lines of work always develop in a uniform and constant way. This gives us the illusion of control, and that we are the ones who choose to change the plan or to vary the original impulse, when we actually had no other choice, the change in direction of the original purpose of the line is due to external influences and the missing semitones.


Only the cosmic octaves, ascending and descending, follow the vibrations in a constant way and achieve the octaves whilst maintaining the direction they took at the beginning. But we'll talk about this later.


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