Kings rule men, wise men rule kings.













This site is dedicated to the Work and to all seekers 



50 years ago only few people raised

their voice against the nazi lagers.

Today history repeats itself in those places people

are treated in the same manner of that time…

For example in Guantanamo.




The true exiled king is "I"




Nobody can initiate yourself. But you will

never initiate yourself alone.We initiate ourselves,

and yet we must be driven to make

possible that this self-initiation happens








Happy S. Valentine! When a Love doesn’t

concern only ourselves and it’s not the result

 of a choice, it really needs a lot of wishes…





“If a God exists, He’s not as you think

 he is” he said. “And then how could he be?”

 “I can’t tell you this”, he answered ”but certainly

I know He’s not how you paint him to yourself”.



Fragments of an Unknown Teaching,

The Fourth Way and other similar

books are like Menus.



When we think to be eternal

we are already dead.



If it is true that religion

is the opium of people,

 the illusion to have an “I”

is the opium of single persons.



You need some good advices,

you don’t need a good teacher”

said the Master to a disciple disappointed

by his banal answer to a question

he considered important.




We live without any doubt about our ability to love.

We are so convinced to be able to do it,

that we don’t worry neither control it.





We all are as Pinocchio*.

Not only because we are puppets who should fight

to became real kids, but also because we lie to ourselves.




Be awake when you will arrange the crib’s

little statues around the cave

You will realise that the work

on ourselves is quite the same thing.




*Note: “Pinocchio is a typical italian fable concerning a puppet made of wood with a long nose because he used to tell lies and his greatest dream was to become a real kid.


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