Listen with sincerity and do not allow yourself to be duped, this is stuff for fools. All these varied tones become a single colour in the jar of unity; the rope becomes thinner when it is reduced to a single strand.

















This Site is dedicated to the Work and to all Seekers 

A practical example of how a work can develop according

to the octaves law


Luigino decides to study subject XX and to pass the examination with full marks. He starts to study with enthusiasm (Do). After a while he begins to feel that his attention is decreasing (Re) and his enthusiasm diminishes. He maintains his efforts in spite of this, and he works with great determination. At a certain point he realizes he is studying in too much depth and that, actually, to pass the exam with good marks he only needs to understand the fundamental principles. He completely changes his method (Mi).

Now, if Luigino realized that his main target has changed and that he is close to a new change of direction, because of the missing semi tone, which would completely transform his original target (which will probably become: to have at least good marks) (Fa) or in a slightly higher tone, e.g. Si : "to get more than just the pass mark") he could decide to give an additional shock to his study. For example he could attend a conference on the subject he is studying and/or attend a motivational seminar or try out some practical experimentation. I will leave it to you to think of further examples of additional shocks he could set himself to bring the octave back into a straight line.

But Luigino doesn't see this process because he's "sleeping", in the sense that he is not aware of it.

If Luigino is lucky he will get an additional shock from the outside, by chance, he may happen to find a leaflet about a university seminar on that subject which will stimulate him (if he likes the lecturer) or he may be asked by the teacher to do a specific project on the subject that fascinates him, or again, he could see a TV programme (about the subject he's studying but from a different point of view) which could renew his original enthusiasm. This way the straight line begins to work again with vigour and force (Fa-Sol-La).

After a while his learning process slows down, he begins to tire easily and, what’s more, he also has problems in his love life which keep him distant from his target (Si). Again, by sheer luck, he solves his sentimental problems and a classmate challenges him in the learning of some of the basic concepts of subject XX. This makes him feel competitive, so he starts to study again, more and more in-depth, in order to outdo his peer. Add to the above stimulus the fact that Luigino has a hidden inferiority complex which makes him want to win at all costs. This situation allows the parallel octave (of a psychological nature) to cross with the main octave and helps Luigino to want pass the exam again with full marks. His target is changing again but this new fortuitous event makes it possible for him to overcome the missing semi tone between Si and Do.

Luigino passes the exam with full marks, he has learned most of the basic concepts of subject XX. His octave turned out straight but was that thanks to him? Was it him that gave himself the right shocks to help him get through the moments when he felt a drop in tone?

If Luigino could answer us he would certainly said "yes".

But maybe things are not exactly as Luigino believes...




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