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The Collection:


  Two Great Friends How can we make a friendship complete?
The Test The meaning of testing.
False Masters How do we behave with a false Master?
The Search Where can we find what we are looking for?
Knowing and Being In order to receive we have to be.
The Disciple How to become a real disciple.
What Other People Think... ...and how it influences us.
False Masters 2 The tests of a false Master’s disciple.
The Last shall be First The Master's criteria.
The Three Obstacles Three things we absolutely must avoid.
Interpretation Subjectivity and the Objective.
Prejudice The blindness of a hasty judgement.
Working The sense of working on oneself..
The Method Masters and their methods.
Demanding Demanding Teaching at all costs.
The True Disciple The value of gratefulness.
Wisdom The level of being.
Salik and Kamala A Quest for the Truth.
Arrogance The attitudes we should avoid.
Obedience Fundamental prerogatives.
Help A Master and his help.
Without a guide? With or without a Master?
Love? What is the meaning of “love”?
The Evening Speeches All that the Master can give you.
The Miraculous Stone It doesn't take much to bring about a miracle.
The Big Stones What are the most important things?
To Talk or... To think?


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